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  • Here are several articles related to wisdom teeth, the most fascinating of which are those on the use of wisdom teeth as a source of stem cells. In the future, removal of wisdom teeth may include banking them for their stem cells!
  • Young Adults & Parents of teens: With this inexpensive educational guide, actually see WHY & ideally WHEN to remove wisdom teeth to avoid unnecessary pain & complications later in life.


"What valuable information, especially knowing the PROBLEMS wisdom teeth can cause later in life.

Makes sense to have them removed in the younger years.

This book should be available to all dentists to have in their waiting rooms."

Muriel H. (parent)


"I read your "Parent's Guide" and was impressed with your style and clarity. 

 It's really good, and the x-ray illustrations are obvious even with minimal dental knowledge or experience. 

 I most certainly will place it in the reception room.... You are right, the window of opportunity isn't that large, so maybe this will have more people seeing and realizing that fact.

It will be a good service for everyone who needs the Guide." 

(Tampa Pediatric Dentist)